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Level up your community and let members compete for the top spot in your community. Reward the most active members with roles, lootboxes, and much more!

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Some of our features


Members will earn exp when they send a message. Keep track of members progress using our leaderboards for messaging, voice, and koth exp.


Reward members with special roles when they reach a specific level. Add up to 30 reward roles and even more for premium servers.

Import Levels

Don't restart your leveling system, KyuBot allows you to import levels from various bots like AmariBot, Mee6, & Tatsu.

Voice Leveling

Members can earn experience by talking in voice channels. Voice leveling is experimental and independent from message exp.

Customise Rank Card

Show off your progression with highly customisable rank cards. Change accent color, badges, background, and much more!

Customise Announcements

Announcement embeds are now highly customisable, you can change the title, description, image, and more! With over 30+ variables.

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