Reward users for being active in the server and some other stuff I don't want to write about right now. But will be doing this in the future some time!

Reward members for being active

Our level systems gives your members a chance to earn rewards for their activity in the server. We have a custom messaging and voice based rewarding system. Members can also customise their own rank cards to display their experience and progress. You can configure KyuBot to automatically assign roles to members when they reach certain levels. We are currently working on many other rewards you can give out in the future.

Don't give up your old levels

If you have a server with a lot of experience, you can import your old levels from AmariBot, Tatsu, or Mee6 into Kyubot. For certain bots Kyu will automatically set up the rewards (if the bot api provides them), so you have alot less work to do there.

The future is bright

We are currently working on many features that will make your experience even better. We want to reward members with just more than roles, and provide a lot more features which promote users to be more active within the server.
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